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Weekender Sweater Weather

Even in Georgia I've turned off my air conditioning... It's finally the perfect weather to wear my favorite, casual, handmade sweater.

The Weekender Sweater by Drea Renee Knits is now my favorite sweater to knit. I've knit 3 sweaters in the past year and will be casting on a new one soon. My oldest daughter wears the two-tone blue one (above), all of the time. If you have teenage daughters, you know this is the highest compliment.

One of her favorite things about this sweater besides the overall style and fit, is the drape of the yarn I chose - Berroco Remix Light. While Berroco is an Italian yarn company, Remix and Remix Light yarns are made in France from 100% recycled non-wool fibers (mostly cotton) - so they're a great choice for vegan knitters.

Both the Remix and the Remix Light are incredibly soft - which help you knit sweaters that you will literally want to sleep in - they are that comfortable and light. The Remix is a bit thicker but still super breathable and light weight. Each ball of Remix Light yarn comes with approximately 430 yards, which is pretty generous.

TIP: With the Remix Light, I chose to knit a size or two larger so adjust for a looser fit.

One thing I love about this pattern, is that it is actually quite stylish without sleeves - so you can easily knit cool weather 'T-shirts or shells with this pattern.

But I ultimately added sleeves and have been knitting the full sweater pattern several times over. Here is another WIP image with one sleeve started:

One of my favorite things about Instagram, is the ability to search by hashtag. If you've not already done this, it's really helpful for seeing multiple versions of your favorite pattern knit by fans all over the world. Over the last year or so, Instagram added the ability to 'follow' not only your favorite knitting accounts, but also hashtags. I follow the #weekendersweater hash tag for continuous inspiration. Take a look here: Weekender Sweater Hashtag on Instagram


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