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Weaving Classes

Due to COVID-19 Classes are temporarily postponed.

Most of my weaving classes take place a couple of times a month at Unwind Yarn & Giftsa well-stocked yarn boutique in beautiful and historic Savannah, Georgia. Check their calendar frequently for the most

up-to-date information. 


Learn the basics of rigid heddle weaving on the super convenient and portable table-top Cricket looms.


Learn how to warp your rigid heddle loom for the most basic and stylish plaid pattern. Create a custom 'fauxberry' scarf your friends will want to steal using the Black Sheep Berry scarf pattern.


Prerequisite: Weaving 101.


Advance your plaid weaving skills with this five color repeat rigid heddle scarf pattern during a very fun 3 hour class! Leave with your rigid heddle loom warped and pattern started.


Prerequisite Weaving 101 and Weaving 2.0 unless you have been weaving on a rigid heddle loom for more than 6 months on your own.​ 


Enjoy two hours of delving into artistic weaving. Learn to add roving accents, textured and scrap yarn and fabric pieces, and create contrasting color shapes.


Dive in to the wonders of clasped weft weaving and start your first two-color scarf. For this class you will need a minimum of 500 yards of two different, contrasting colors. This skill looks far more complicated than it is, but it is great to learn it in a hands-on environment as it does take a little concentration until you get the hang of it.  Apply this new skill in your freestyle weaving projects as well.

Prerequisite: Weaving 101


Leno Lace is the perfect introduction to pick up stick because it allows you to achieve a beautiful lace pattern or accent in your plain weave pieces without needing two heddles or having to read a pattern or follow a complicated chart. Build your arsenal of rigid heddle weaving skills, and get the most out of your Cricket Loom. This is perfect for creating light weight, lacy scarves for use year-round. 

Coming Soon...


Knitting Classes

On occasion I teach a few knitting classes at Unwind Yarn & Gifts,  a well-stocked yarn boutique in beautiful and historic Savannah, Georgia. Check their calendar frequently for the most

up-to-date information. 

Knighttime Scarf

I love this scarf. It really is faux plaid because you can't really knit plaid. This is a three color repeat and in the Knighttime Scarf class, you'll review my pattern, pick your three colors and cast on. I'll show you how to achieve the plaid look in the finishing and you'll leave with your scarf well under way. This class is generally two hours long.

Brantley Baby Blanket

The Brantley Baby Blanket utilizes the same faux plaid skills as the Knighttime Scarf. Named after the very first little baby I made it for, this blanket is a true heirloom piece. Knit it in baby colors or a family's crest colors. It is a three color repeat but you can easily adjust the pattern to introduce a fourth color. It does not work well with less than three.

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