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About Us

Kiki Knight

Thank you for visiting Wool & Chile, where I document all of the things I love.


Raised in beautiful Northern California, I have spent the last decade raising my daughters on a sea island off the coast of Georgia.  Here, in a place surrounded by water and colorful sunsets, I've taught both daughters and my niece to weave. Only the oldest knits (for now), but they're all equally creative. My daughters are very interested in the slow clothes movement, and we enjoy altering thrifted items to make them our own.


A life-long knitter, and now also a weaving instructor, I was born in a bustling metropolis south of the border. My strong connection to my native Mexico is what has fueled my love of fiber, natural dyes, and weaving. I feel the connection to these ancient crafts is embedded in my DNA. 


My creative work is inspired by the women in my family - making this a multi-generational effort. My daughters and niece are my co-designers, trend spotters and product reviewers. My great-grandmother taught me to knit when I was about 8 years old.  She picked up where my mom left off. Her amazing 90+ year-old grandmother, is my pattern checker and crochet designer.


Her beautiful patterns are coming soon.

But every artist has to pay the bills. . . To do so, I run a small and thoughtful marketing and PR firm.

My largest client - which has fueled my love of home renovation - is based in Italy, with offices in Atlanta, Georgia. You may have heard of them (thanks to me): RomaBio

I'm always on the go... but I'll drop everything to help out my tribe. 

My family is my world, and I'm lucky to be on this journey with my very supportive husband, our daughters, three rescue cats, three rescue chickens, and our rambunctious Britney Spaniel - Pinto - a little fluffy runt we rescued from a Georgia cotton farm, who always makes my Instagram feed.

Studio Crew


Design Chief

Crochet & Knitting 

Expert crocheter and knitter, at 90 Margarita is Kiki's grandmother.


She prefers to knit while listening to Nat King Cole or watching John Wayne movies.

Ophthalmologist says she has better than 20 x 20 vision, so she can spot a knitting mistake a mile away! 


Design Editor

Knitting & Weaving

Columbia University.

Loves animals. Thoughtful knitter, beginning weaver, primary design collaborator for Wool & Chile, and budding chef.


Expert smoothie maker!


Follow Catie on Instagram @knitmeknotme

Bella and Lucy.jpg

Product Tester

Weaving & Baking

Professional animal whisperer. Wrangler of chickens and cats. Pinto's true mama.


Beginning weaver and expert baker: @bellanottebakery on Instagram.


Exceptional at selecting classic color combinations. 

Tests products with and for me.


Product Tester

Weaving & Giggles

Loves texture, color and fun designs. Trend spotter and thorough product reviewer. Beginning weaver.


Excellent yarn organizer. Loves to combine textures and colors.


Certified S. Carolina boat captain and the best shark tooth spotter!

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