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My Favorite Gardening Accounts
deannacat3 insta.jpg


Homestead and Chill

Central Coast of California

Beautiful use of space at a 

'regular' home. Both front and backyards planted.

ronfinleyhq insta.jpg

Gangsta Gardner

Ron Finley Project

South Central LA Gardener

Green activist showing poor communities how to grow food in a empty lots.

BigFamilyLiving Insta.jpg


Big Family Living

Urban Homesteader​

Oregon based mom of 6.

Huge backyard garden, chickens and plenty of tips.

gardenaryco insta.jpg

Nicole Burke

Founder of Gardenaryco

Originally started as the Rootedgarden. Mom and gardener supporting the kitchen garden movement.

My Favorite Knitting Patterns
anekstrick the green sweater.jpg


The Green Sweater

The neckline in this sweater is ideal for anyone who just doesn't like 'traditional' necklines.

dreaknits weekender.jpg


Weekender Sweater

One of my favorite sweaters to knit. I've knit at least 5 - two of them for my oldest daughter.

ozetta seasons cardigan.jpg


Season's Cardigan

Classic, cozy cardigan. In the process of finishing one for my daughter to take to NYC for school.

tincanknits Flax Sweater.jpg


Flax Sweater

The first sweater I knit for an adult. Love this free pattern and have knit a few more since.

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