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Powderhouse Beanie FREE Pattern

It's taken a few months but I have finally written out the Powderhouse Beanie pattern, which has become my favorite go-to quick knit.

It's quick to knit, and super comfortable. I've made a few in different brands and fiber worsted weight yarn, and it always turns out fantastic. We have a few variations around the house, and my girls and I trade beanies regularly!

I have to say, my oldest daughter (in the main photograph), has a lot of gorgeous, super thick and very curly hair. She has never wanted to wear a beanie - until I made her this one!

Days before our winter holiday trip to Lake Tahoe in N. California, I went to visit my friend Pat at Four Arches Farm in Pembroke, Georgia—just a quick 45 minute drive outside of Savannah.

I went to see her lovely new llama and visit her friendly pack of alpacas my girls have grown so fond of. It was the first time I was able to check out her brand new alpaca blend yarns, and fell in love with this worsted weight tweed!

Flour Arches Farm yarn is super soft and has just enough weight to give the beanie some body and a nice drape without being thick or ‘too hot’ to wear—especially for my girls that have a lot of beautiful, thick hair!

I created the pattern on the plane ride from Georgia to California, and my oldest wore it for the first time as we went to pick up some holiday gifts at Powderhouse in Lake Tahoe, California.

Hence, the Powderhouse Beanie!

So because this beanie was originally created with yarn from my sweet friend's amazing alpacas, I decided this needed to be my first free pattern. I had dropped off my Cricket Loom with Pat, and taught her oh-so-quickly to weave on it. In exchange, I drove away with two of the most beautiful skeins of yarn I've ever knit with. And my girls, knowing the alpacas personally, were so excited to help design a beanie with the yarn. Friends often fuel creativity and my hope is that by offering this pattern for free to you, my fibre artist friends, you will in turn support this fledgling but beautiful farm in the heart of coastal Georgia.

For more information about Four Arches Farm, visit their website and follow them on social media. Ask Pat personally about her beautiful yarn. I encourage you to buy some. You won't regret it!

P.S. Any worsted weight yarn will work for this pattern. Below is a beautiful tomato red one I knit with Malabrigo worsted weight yarn, which is my usual go-to favorite.

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